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A variety of day trip destinations are accessible from the holiday village; e.g. Heidelberg, Michelstadt, Erbach, Heilbronn or the castles along the Neckar. If the sun doesn’t shine, the Rhein-Neckar-Arena offers many events. Time also flies by in the Sinsheim Auto and Technology Museum, in the Eberstadt stalactite cave, in the Bad Friedrichshall visitor salt mine or in the Guttenberg Bird of Prey Observatory. A visit to the Castle Festival in Zwingenberg with the performances of Der Freischütz remains an unforgettable experience.

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The Heidelberg Castle with its spacious castle garden is an absolute magnet for visitors and the number one attraction in Heidelberg. The city literally lies at the feet of visitors when they look down on the red roofs of the old town and the Neckar from the green terraces and vantage points of the castle. You can reach the castle either on foot via one of the many paths or by mountain railway.

Back down in the city, stroll through beautiful pedestrian streets and admire the multitude of historic buildings, impressive monuments and imaginative fountains, each telling a fascinating story.

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Michelstadt was first mentioned in a document in 741 AD. The narrow streets of the picturesque old town are lined with half-timbered houses. The town hall, built in 1484, is considered one of the most original half-timbered buildings in Germany. It was built in the late Gothic style. Visitors will find it right in the old town center on the market square. From the market square, right around the corner, you will find the Rathausbräu. There we recommend a beer straight from the barrel. A pork knuckle tastes good with it. After the rich meal you can treat yourself to a shot from the noble beer distillery.

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Rathaus Michelstadt Foto: Kulturamt Michelstadt

The town in the Odenwald impresses with numerous cultural monuments. In the core city and the other parts of the city there is a considerable number of cultural monuments worth seeing. The old castle of the Counts of Erbach was expanded into a palace in the 18th century. The collections from the castle of Count Franz I (1754-1823) housed there are important and have been preserved in their original presentation to this day. The palace ensemble also includes the late baroque orangery with the palace garden. The German Ivory Museum in Erbach has existed since 1966 and is the only special museum of its kind for ivory art in Europe.

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Schlossgarten Erbach  Foto: Johannes Kessel www.lebensform.net

Eberbach is located in a widening of the Neckar Valley in the middle of the Neckartal-Odenwald Nature Park and on the romantic Castle Road. The Eberbach castle ruins above the town on one of the hills of the Odenwald was an important medieval castle that was destroyed in 1403 and only uncovered again at the beginning of the 20th century. The historic old town, which is now mostly a pedestrian zone, has four well-preserved towers from the medieval city fortifications: The Powder Tower, for example, was built in the 15th century as a two-winged corner tower on top of the older corner fortifications of the medieval city wall from the 13th century and forms its north-western end .

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Tripsdrill and the Holiday Park can be reached by car in less than two hours. Europapark offers an eventful day for those who are willing to embark on a longer journey.

Tripsdrill, the first adventure park in Germany, is idyllically embedded in vineyards, forests and meadows. More than 100 original, humorous and lovingly designed attractions guarantee unlimited fun for the whole family. In the 2015 season, visitors to the Holiday Park Pfalz head into adventure: the new, Europe-wide unique catapult roller coaster “Sky Scream” shoots adrenaline fans through the air at top speed three times in a row – looping and a roll upside down in slow motion at a height of 55 meters included.

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The museum of superlatives, which is well-known beyond the borders, the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim shows you many exhibits from the areas of cars, aircraft, transport, the military and much more. Most of the exhibits are still operational. One of the great attractions is also the integrated IMAX 3D cinema. The largest film experience in the world on a 20x26m movie screen.

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The Eberstadt stalactite cave – a unique natural monument in southern Germany – is easily accessible over a length of 600 m. Among the most beautiful stalactite formations in this fairytale world are the “white woman from Eberstadt”, the “elephant trunk”, the “wedding cake” and many more. A small cave lake is one of the special beauties of the show cave. In the back there is a group of giant stalactites, more than a meter in diameter and several meters high, which are several hundred thousand years old.

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The Wildpark Schwarzach is a spacious nature adventure park in the small Odenwald. On an area of ​​100,000 square meters, it houses over 50 different animal species in appropriately designed enclosures and modern stables. More than 400 wild and domestic animals, from zebras to wild boars and from parrots to gooses, populate the park and welcome visitors.

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The stud is currently the first and largest mare’s milk farm in Germany with around 400 horses and an agricultural area of ​​around 450 hectares. Particular emphasis is placed on natural, organic husbandry and controlled ecological cultivation (Demeter operation). The Kurgestüt is considered a pioneer when it comes to producing mare’s milk, marketing it, preserving it and scientifically researching its areas of application. Today the stud farm can look back on 55 years of experience with mare’s milk and its products.

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