In the immediate vicinity there are countless leisure activities to enjoy. From climbing, golfing, horse riding to kayaking, swimming or fishing, there is something for everyone. In winter Waldbrunn is the high point for cross-country skiing in the Odenwald. Several kilometres of groomed trails lead directly along the Holiday Village. Waldbrunn also has a lot to offer. Throughout the town you will find authentic restaurants, which invite you to linger and enjoy Odenwälder specialties. You can also make something good for your health and regeneration with a visit to the Katzenbuckel Therme (Pool and Sauna), which is within walking distance.

Here you will find information about a few nearby activities.

In the vacation home complex you will find a large playground, a football field, a tennis court, a barbecue grill and hut and an inline skate park.

New attraction in the holiday village of Waldbrunn

The imposing sundial tower made of stainless steel and 
glass has dials aligned to the four cardinal points. 
When the sun is shining, two of the sundials usually 
show the time.
The shadow projector on the south side is aligned parallel
 to the axis of the earth and is therefore also called the 
Pole Pole. Due to the rotation of the earth, the sun "apparently" 
wanders around the pole rod and its shadow shows the true local 
time (WOZ) of Waldbrunn on the hour lines, regardless of the 
seasonally changing position of the sun.

The annual rise and fall of the sun between the tropics can be 
followed with the shadow of the sphere located at the tip of the 
pole. The diagram below the dial can be used to determine Central 
European Time (CET) or Central European Summer Time (CEST). 
The east and west sides are polar sundials because the hour lines 
point toward the celestial pole.

The annual movement of the sun between the tropics can also be 
tracked on the sundial.
Depending on the time of year, the sunset line is used to determine 
the time when the sun reaches the horizon and twilight begins. 
For example, the sun sets at around 6 p.m. on the equinoxes.

This sundial tower is a real "eye-catcher" and an absolute specialty. 
It is a holiday destination for the whole family.
There is a lot on offer in the Odenwald! 
Under the links below you will find current events in the municipality of Waldbrunn and in the entire Odenwald.
More information:
Odenwald Tourism Association -
Municipality of Waldbrunn -
Katzenbuckel thermal baths
Waldbrunn has a lot to offer for your health and regeneration. 
The Katzenbuckel thermal baths are just a five-minute walk from the holiday village. 
The indoor pool offers you the opportunity for sporting activities with water aerobics. 
Solarium, sauna and various massage treatments invite you to take a wellness break. 
In the vicinity you will find other adventure pools, sauna paradises, leisure pools and salt and crystal thermal baths. 
You are spoiled for choice.

Swimming pool in Eberbach
In the winter season, the swimming pool in Eberbach offers a 25m pool with a 3m diving tower. 
You can also expect: dry sauna (approx. 90°C), steam bath (approx. 45°C), plunge pool, foot warmer pool,
 cold/warm showers, relaxation room, cozy picnic area and small outdoor terrace. 
The outdoor pool opens its doors every summer.

A visit to the Odenwaldtherme is ideal for guests who long for wellness and relaxation. 
Here you can expect u. a thermal bath, with e.g. B. whirlpools, geysers, and solariums. 
You will also find various saunas and everything your wellness heart desires, such as yoga and massages.

Those who like it a little faster are in good hands at the Miramar in Weinheim. 
In addition to a wide range of saunas, guests of all ages can let off steam while sliding.

Thermen- und Badewelt Sinsheim
Things get tropical in the thermal and bathing world of Sinsheim. 
In addition to a wide range of saunas, wellness offers and restaurants, you will be whisked away to a palm-fringed paradise.

The pirate world is a unique adventure and water play landscape for the little guests on almost 700 square meters. 
But of course solariums and saunas should not be missing. Let yourself be pampered in the 5000 square meter sauna garden.

Therapy point Waldbrunn
Would you like to relax with a massage? No problem! 
The therapy point Waldbrunn offers a rich selection. 
Various training and therapy offers can also be booked there.
Therapiepunkt Waldbrunn
Therapy point Waldbrunn

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Katzenbuckel Spa

In and around Waldbrunn there are some nice routes for cycling fans.

Karl Drais-Cycle path
This route travels along beautiful landscape attractions and includes family-friendly stations. The circular route has a length of 16 kilometers and can be extended by grinding in the individual districts to up to 31 kilometers.

Mountainbike – Circular Route Waldbrunn

This route has been specially selected for mountain bikers. It leads through scenic areas and has a moderate difficulty level. The route is about 12.5 kilometers long.

E-Bike Rental Stations
With the e-bike you can experience the enjoyment facet of cycling. Without much effort, you can also experience the more challenging themed bike trails and effortlessly reach every climb of our magnificent low mountain landscape. Competent staff is in the numerous rental stations available to assist you with your questions.

A great way to explore the beautiful area is from the water. 
There are a few shipping companies that you can use to navigate the Neckar and Main. 
Whatever you decide, it's definitely worth it!

More information:
White Fleet - White Fleet Heidelberg
Shipping company Henneberger -
cross country skiing
The four Waldbrunn cross-country trails - from easy to moderately difficult - are described in detail in the Nordic Active Center flyer.
These are available from the Tourist Information. 
They can be used if there is enough snow, following the signs.
The starting point for all cross-country trails is the Katzenbuckel, which is 626 m above sea level. 
NN is the highest mountain in the Odenwald. At a good 550 m above sea level. NN Waldbrunn lies in the middle of a beautiful high landscape, a real sunny peak with many vantage points in the Hessian and Bavarian Odenwald.

There are tobogganing opportunities for children at Katzenbuckel (on the left next to "Villa Katzenbuckel"). 
At Katzenbuckel there is a ski jump and a curling rink.

Information is available from Skizunft Katzenbuckel e.V., 
Heinz Schölch, phone: 06274/443. 
Use of the winter sports facilities is at your own risk!

For tourists and locals, as well as for groups, families or school classes, different offers can be booked in the Odenwald and other natural spaces. These are also suitable for corporate trips and seminars. Solid footwear, weatherproof clothing, and hiking supplies are standard requirements for all adventure tours.

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The beautiful scenery can be enjoyed with great opportunities for excursions throughout the Waldbrunn region.

More Information:
Horseback Riding Club Hoher Odenwald e.V. –

Fishing at the Forellenhof Ittertal:

The facility consists of 4 fishing ponds and 3 breeding ponds, which are constantly flooded with crystal-clear spring water. 
The beautiful natural landscape invites not only anglers, but the whole family to spend a relaxing day in the Sensbachtal / Odenwald.

The fishing ponds have a very good stock of salmon trout, rainbow trout, char, carp, tench and sturgeons.

Additional Information:

Discover the beautiful scenery around the Katzenbuckel in our over 130 km marked hiking trail network. In the brochure “Wanderungen auf dem Winterhauch” the most important routes with all information about the route, altitude and history are described. The brochure is available at the tourist office.

More Information:
Neckarsteig –
Katzensteig –
Outdooractive-Hike –

If you have never heard of Geochaching, get ready for excitement! Because this trend is not just something for well-known computer specialists. Geocaching can be called a modern treasure hunt. A lot of geocaching accessories are not necessary. The directions take place in the form of GPS coordinates, instead of exact directions. With a GPS device or an app on your smartphone the participants are led to the treasure. This consists of a box or a bucket, in which all sorts of things are hidden. If you find the treasure, take a part out and put in something new, so that the goal can always be found again and again by adventurous hikers.

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Golf with friends
Feel at home with friends at the Mudau Golf Club and enjoy the beautiful natural golf course that has been established for over 25 years in the Neckartal-Odenwald nature park. 
You will experience peace and balance and will be greeted with a smile by the friendly team right from the start.

The gently rolling terrain offers many attractions for golfers of all levels. Peace and quiet characterize this course and invite you to play it again and again.
The Cannizzo family's Ristorante & Trattoria is ideal for strengthening after an eventful round of golf. Here young and old are not only spoiled with culinary delicacies, but also warmly looked after and welcomed in the southern, elegant ambience. 
From the terrace you can enjoy a magnificent view of the forest and meadows that radiate harmony all around.

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